Tacit Knowledge leverages Silicon Valley innovations to solve scaling and throughput issues prevalent in eCommerce solutions.

New approaches to online retail like flash sales and real time product recommendations require high-scale technologies to execute. Tacit developers integrate cutting edge caching and “big data” software to meet these computing demands.

These technologies originate from software created in Silicon Valley to address high-scale data problems such as indexing the Internet (Google and Yahoo), handling massive amounts of social content (Facebook), and hyper-fast messaging (Twitter).

These innovations augment and enhance our partners’ existing investments in products like Hybris, ATG and Adobe CQ5, resulting in unique competitive advantages including higher conversion rates.


Commerce Innovation

Tacit Knowledge is focused on reinventing digital commerce. To this end, we’ve developed patent-pending, shopping software for mobile and interactive television platforms.

Continuous Delivery

Tacit Knowledge applies continuous delivery processes and technologies to how we build, release and support software.

Big Data

Big data is the term applied to distributed data technologies that can handle the capture, storage, retrieval, and visualization of huge volumes of information.

Scaling Online Retail

Tacit Knowledge brings more than ten years of experience in building high-scale commerce architectures to select and implement the appropriate tool to address each scaling challenge.

Wiggle Recommendations Engine

The Wiggle recommendations engine is an excellent example of applying Big Data technologies to solve a real-world problem in digital commerce.