Tacit Knowledge is focused on reinventing digital commerce. To this end, we’ve developed patent-pending, shopping software for mobile and interactive television platforms. We’ve integrated high-scale technologies originating from Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo into existing e-commerce solutions in support of cutting-edge features like high-volume flash sales, clickstream product recommendations and cloud provisioning.

“…we’ve developed patent-pending, shopping software for mobile and interactive…”

We also focus on continually enhancing the tools and methods used to develop software. This focus has resulted in the creation of a dozen technologies to enhance testing, manage software releases, and increase project velocity. Several of these are now published and open-sourced. Our deliveries leverage these technologies coupled with a distributed methodology characterized by Agile and test-driven development.


Bluefly iPhone Application
Social Commerce: ghd
Wiggle Recommendations Engine


Hybris in the Cloud: ghd
Nike Web Content Management