Article Excerpt: How to Solve any Site Stability Issue in Six Weeks or Less. Part 1

…If you’ve ever had an unstable e-commerce site to contend with you can empathize with what a frustrating experience it can be. Usually the scenario goes like this: just as the November holiday traffic starts to build, something flips and the online store becomes unresponsive to the point of failure. Sometimes this descent into the abyss takes several hours. Other times it is near instantaneous. The applications are rebooted as all wait anxiously to see if it will happen again…

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Article Excerpt: How to Solve any Site Stability Issue in Six Weeks or Less. Part 2

…I want to reinforce that this sequential process of reducing the problem domain is often run through more than once. There are often multiple stability or performance issues with any problematic e-commerce site. Once the most significant problem is identified and fixed, the process can be repeated until the solution is good enough. There is always a performance bottleneck. If there weren’t, page load times would be 0 seconds. The success of this endeavor is achieved by getting to an acceptable performance level…

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Article Excerpt: How We Hire.

…I recently watched a recruiting video series created by a start-up intended to pitch potential hires with the notion that theirs was the door behind which all the hidden talent of Silicon Valley was waiting. Each segment evoked that hipster hubris of the bygone era, beginning with an introduction by the founders – typically two or three dudes in their early thirties – espousing the next-ness of their start-up’s mission, also typically involving social and/or mobile and/or cloud with a twist they were reluctant to get specific about…

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