Most approaches to website support are handled by junior staff with an over-reliance on a process applied uniformly to any online business and underlying technology.

By contrast, our support evolved from ten years experience building and maintaining online stores. It is designed for a digital commerce business with key information surfaced to a dashboard built exclusively for merchants.


We look at support as a solution to a development problem – not solely a process or staffing concern. Our support focuses on key commerce and content platforms like hybris and Adobe Experience Manager. We avoid the manual steps commonplace in run-books and eliminate human-error by automating everything including provisioning and software deployments.

TK’s Proprietary Managed Services Monitoring and Analytics

Our Managed Services offering is organized into two key facets of operations support:
  – Site Operations, which ensures the site availability and performance 24×7.
  – Business Operations, which provides business hours end-user support for commerce tooling (e.g. help setting up promotions, etc).


Connecting the Digital and Physical

We offer a complete, enterprise-tier commerce solution that connects the digital and physical worlds taking digital commerce from ordinary to extraordinary. Find out what we can do for you.



No More Bottlenecks and Wait Points

Peak Ready Performance is a proprietary in-depth approach Tacit Knowledge has developed for site performance analysis and remediation that results in resilient and durable ecommerce applications.

Find out how we can improve your sites reliability and performance.