We believe and adhere to four key principles in developing software for our clients.

We assess the quality of the delivery at every step. This approach stems from Deming’s work in Lean Manufacturing that statistically disproved the effectiveness of limiting testing to the final phase of any product development. This is why Tacit Knowledge code integrates systems early, is self-testing, and the driver behind the testing frameworks that we developed and employ for all kinds of testing.


Business realities change, and requirements evolve. Tacit Knowledge uses a distributed Agile methodology that supports and encourages these natural course corrections. This paints a sharp contrast to the fixed scope, change-order driven constructs commonplace in outsourced development.

Transparency and measurability keep everyone honest. Due to its emphasis on lightweight, documented processes, the term Agile is sometimes misapplied to imply loose or sloppy. The opposite is true. The rigorous XP techniques utilized insure that code is integrated continuously; the quality of software is automatically monitored and the near-real time state of a project is always available online.

A tool is only as good as the hand that wields it. Despite all of the automation, rigor, and quality control, Tacit Knowledge is about software as craft. This is why our hiring process has been compared to Google’s.