Digital commerce is Tacit Knowledge’s primary focus, and our international experience extends to actual implementations within mobile commerce, social commerce, and high-scale. Our support service specializes solely on retail and the needs of online merchants.

Our track record derives from specialization in key technologies, and fielding teams with deep domain expertise.

Tacit Knowledge installs, customizes, and integrates solutions like hybris, Oracle ATG Commerce, Endeca, and Adobe AEM/CQ.


Our kit includes tools specially designed to test and monitor e-commerce platforms. This includes custom testing frameworks and software that removes the error-prone steps commonplace with building and maintaining these solutions.

Our efficiencies stem from using continuous delivery, technologies derived from cloud computing, Agile and XP development practices, and custom accelerators.
Our innovations include international patents in mobile commerce, and applying Silicon Valley technologies to create high capacity solutions.


No More Bottlenecks and Wait Points

Peak Ready Performance is a proprietary in-depth approach Tacit Knowledge has developed for site performance analysis and remediation that results in resilient and durable ecommerce applications.

Find out how we can improve your sites reliability and performance.