consulting-topAn unstable site is one that begins to experience aberrant behavior or degraded performance as traffic increases. Often, these sites are thrown into a state that they do not recover from even as usage wanes. Some of the largest and most respected retail brands have encountered these issues at one time or another and often during the holiday peak season. We specialize in fixing these problems.

Having founded the company with an emphasis on this service, Tacit Knowledge maintains a suite of diagnostic tools and associated troubleshooting process that has worked in every engagement – no exceptions.

The process incorporates a logical, reductionist approach to problem isolation that is far more efficient than gut-based or ad hoc trial and error methods often used. It is also iterative, with at least one modification pushed to production on a daily basis. Our approach to unit testing, software quality, and deployment automation are decisive in enabling this pace of change.

With experience in the full lifecycle of commerce software development and deployment, Tacit Knowledge engineers leverage their combined development and operational expertise to analyze all aspects of the system; software, configurations, supporting technologies, and environments.

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