Tacit’s approach to Agile coaching differs from traditional methods of education and adoption. We have found through experience that a model that depends solely on project manager coaches in an advisory capacity for several weeks results in a short-lived organizational impact that is dubious at best. Moreover, the narrow focus on project mechanics glosses over the practice adoption required by developers and quality assurance to operate successfully in this paradigm.

Like medical schools, we believe in learn, do, teach as the best approach practice adoption.

The process begins with a multi-disciplinary team comprised of both client staff new to Agile and Tacit Knowledge Agile practitioners skilled in each discipline; quality assurance, development, project management, and business analysis. The team collaborates through several iterations of development (Learn). As familiarity with the methodology increases, the leadership functions are imparted to the apprentices (Do). Eventually, Tacit Knowledge experts roll-off the project, and new members are on-boarded. Their colleagues teach these new apprentices (Teach).

The result is an internal team of practitioners that impart this knowledge throughout the organization.