Tacit Knowledge offers several consulting services designed specifically for enterprise-grade, customer facing, web applications.

Our System Stabilization Service troubleshoots live environments experiencing significant stability issues under load. This service is usually called upon during the beginning of the holiday rush or immediately after a major software release.

The Performance Tuning Service is executed either in the context of certifying an environment prior to launch or as a holiday preparedness initiative. Optimizing the software and their supporting platforms results in cost-savings and peace of mind.

Service is applied either as part of a transformational effort or as a key component of turning around problematic projects.

Our System Evaluation Service is the most versatile. It is used both in planning efforts to select technologies and design new solutions, and during development to evaluate third-party software deliveries, identify compliance issues, and provide insights into building and operating high-scale systems.


Connecting the Digital and Physical

We offer a complete, enterprise-tier commerce solution that connects the digital and physical worlds taking digital commerce from ordinary to extraordinary. Find out what we can do for you.



No More Bottlenecks and Wait Points

Peak Ready Performance is a proprietary in-depth approach Tacit Knowledge has developed for site performance analysis and remediation that results in resilient and durable ecommerce applications.

Find out how we can improve your sites reliability and performance.