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Quick Facts 

  • Partnership with Tacit since 2014
  • Innovative furniture Ecommerce website and complimentary technologies e.g. in-store app
  • 20% yoy increase in online sales
  • Complex and powerful Search capabilities
  • Shared commerce services that power Ecommerce, customer services and an in-store app
  • Highly complex PIM designed to manage a highly complex configurable product
  • “Headless Commerce” architectural approach: SAP Hybris back end functionality used to power the legacy .net front end
  • Tacit provide 24/7 website support

Far from your average sofa retailer, Sofology are an innovative, design oriented, IT savvy and customer focused family company. With over 30 years experience, Sofology have placed digital focus, service, honesty and customer empowerment through choice at the core of their business. With so much digital innovation in the pipeline, Sofology required an extensible platform that would allow them to grow their features, more meaningfully connect with their customers and move reliance away from homegrown legacy systems. Following a client referral Tacit began working with Sofology in 2015.


  • Sofology’s product range is complex with many sizes, variants and options which can be confusing for the customer and poses a large data management overhead
  • Sofology also has a wealth or inspirational images, content and media to support the needs of their omni channel customer
  • The former Sofology website was not commerce enabled and the desire was strong to create a platform that could grow in line with their customer needs and keep aligned with new product categories and custom promotions


  • Phased approach: PIM first, Ecommerce second
  • Build and integrate a Hybris Product Information Management (PIM) solution capable of increasing efficiency in the authoring and maintenance of enterprise content
  • Enhance richness of the authorable content and power the delivery of content to the existing website platform
  • Architect a solution to support legacy architecture constraints, and also a future state of a transactional web platform running on SAP Hybris
  • Create rich search capabilities to allow customers to search and view furniture in unique ways


  • Headless service driven site enabling total flexibility in the user interface for inspirational content and digital shop floor engagement
  • Centralised and customised PIM solution using Hybris eCommerce framework
  • New multi-channel, multi-device microservices for use on existing homegrown platform
  • Unique search solution built to return every product, in every Range, in every colour and every furniture configuration
  • Fully transactional site allowing customers to place orders directly
  • Operational efficiencies managing significant reductions in product lifecycle

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