SAP Hybris 6.7

– What’s new?

With the latest version of Hybris being released last month, we have summarised the key features and improvements of this release that we think can reduce the customer pain points we see day in day out on our projects.

Hybris 6.7 focuses on improving customer interactions and the customer journey by enhancing personalisation capabilities. It further moves the platform into offering and enabling a fully headless commerce type architecture, with content retrieval (amongst other functions available) via REST service calls. This allows for decoupling of the Commerce storefronts from the platform, not only increasing scalability but also the development speed for a site. We see this capability as particularly important for brands who want to change their design look and feel more regularly than say their core commerce platform functionality.


Hybris 6.7 has provided a series of useful enhancements that look to enrich the customer data that is collected and stored helping to drive a more personalised experience.

  • SAP Hybris Profile integration has been enhanced, giving more insights into user behaviours and interactions. Businesses can gain order metrics data and user location data.
  • Customer Segments – The latest version allows for customer segments to be stored within a session, enabling frequent synchronous updates, helping to improve site performance.
  • SmartEdit – Hybris 6.7 sees a number of improvements to the increasing impressive SmartEdit module to further enhance the platform’s capabilities in the content management space. These enhancements allow a business user to see how many content components have been customised at page level, and how many of these customisations are not only enabled but affecting each content component.


With the upgrade to SOLR 7.2.1 as part of Hybris 6.7, new and upgraded capabilities have been added to provide customers with a more personalised search experience.

Businesses now have more control to target not only what search results are delivered to the customer but also how they are delivered.

  • Adaptive search has been greatly improved allowing for:
    • Configuration of facet values and SOLR sorts including, editing, promoting, excluding and reordering
    • Customised product sorting for different categories
    • The ability to define new sort categories
    • Business users to clearly distinguish inherited items and override setting.

These functions are reflected on the storefront, providing a simple interface for business users. They can be configured for search profiles and are supported for both personalisation and smartEdit.

Promotion Management

The rule and promotion engine was first introduced in Hybris 6.0, since then it has been continuously enhanced and that hasn’t stopped for the latest version.

The promotion features for 6.7 allow businesses to offer the right combination of promotions to customers, whilst still driving sales and increasing conversion.

  • Rule Group Exclusivity – 6.7 introduces the new Rule Group Exclusivity feature, to replace stackability. Promotion rules are created and can be configured in groups that can run as either exclusive or non exclusive. This feature allows the business to control how many promotions are triggered and in what order.
  • Order Entry Consumption – has now been made available in the rule based promotion engine. This function restricts an order entry that has been consumed by a promotion from being consumed by another promotion.
  • Rule publication queue – Provides a queuing system for publishing promotions. This enables businesses with multiple markets to request for promotion rules to be published at the same time


Backoffice Product Content Management, an area that has evolved greatly over the last couple of releases, has further been enhanced within 6.7, increasing efficiency by making product data updates straightforward for a business user.

  • Mass editing of product data has evolved allowing for the following:
    • Bulk changing of attribute values across multiple products
    • Bulk product approvals
    • Bulk operations enabled on products in workflows
  • Compare View – The release also introduces a new product compare view, allowing for side-by-side comparisons of selected products. To further enhance this, Hybris highlights variations in the attribute values between products; making the comparison clear and simple. This can be accessed from both PCM and the backoffice.
  • Microsoft Import/Export – In Hybris 6.6, the Microsoft Import/Export feature was introduced, this has been extended to support importing of media files, for example product images, videos, etc.

Having had experience of working directly alongside a number of Hybris customers, it is refreshing to see the latest version addressing some of the key pain points of the platform, in particular the mass editing capabilities within PCM. This not only makes the managing of products more efficient but improves time to market for product releases.
Should you have any questions regarding the latest release or how your organisation can take advantage of SAP Hybris solutions please get in touch

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