SAP Hybris 6.3

“Hybris 6.3 introduces a number of features, including improvements to the SmartEdit feature to allow the display of relevant content Product Carousels and further personalisation of offers.”

– What’s new in Hybris 6.3? A feature overview


SAP Hybris 6.3! This latest version of the leading commerce platform was released earlier this month and we have had time to evaluate some of the key benefits for both B2C and B2B companies.

This version introduces some robust enhancements to existing core commerce capabilities, as well as some exciting new features. The latest release offers tools to enhance customer engagement, improve the dialogue between business and customer, and to empower customers to manage their own orders with maximum visibility of the fulfilment process.

Below, we’ve focused on some of the new features and functionalities that we feel offer the biggest improvement to the customer experience — both by directly improving their order journey, and by streamlining vendor fulfilment processes to maximise delivery efficiency.

Customer 360° View

The new Customer 360° view within the Assisted Service Module (ASM) for SAP Hybris 6.3 provides relevant real-time and relevant customer information to a Customer Services Agent. This enables businesses to offer highly personalised, quality support to their customers.

Key Improvements and Features

  • Quick Customer Snapshot — Offers the availability to immediately see key details about a customer such as name, account creation date and latest cart/order details.
  • Customer Overview — Customer Services Reps can now view snapshot details about customer loyalty, their most viewed categories/products, their preferred browsing devices and their current shopping cart.
  • Activity Feed — this provides a Customer Services Agent with a view of the most recently edited items by a customer: Orders, Carts and Support Tickets all clearly marked with a description, status and date created/updated.
  • Profile, Favourites and Recommend — These views allow Customer Services to view further details about a customer such Payment Methods & Saved Addresses, a detailed view of their favourite products, and suggested recommendations for the customer.

Commerce Quotes

Hybris 6.3 introduces Commerce Quote capabilities, which builds on the existing Hybris quote functionality. Commerce Quote allows for a much richer user experience that mimics the complex reality of B2B transactions, and a much more flexible quote approval workflow. The quotes feature is now available across all Accelerators (not just B2B), meaning it is available for all businesses who want to offer quotes to their customers.

Key Improvements and Features

  • Seller Initiated Quotes — Sales representatives can now create their own quotes to send to customers. This includes the ability to enter quote expiration dates, add comments to the prospective buyer at both individual product level/entire quote level, and apply discounts to the order subtotal.
  • Approval Workflow — Vendors can now set up a workflow wherein responses to quotes can required 2nd-level approval if it exceeds a certain threshold. This allows businesses to better manage large orders and discount values that may require internal validation.
  • Enhanced Customer Initiated Quotes — Customers now have the ability to draft more than one quote at a time. Customers can edit an existing draft quote, and add a description and comments to any quote submitted. A customer can now cancel a quote, and re-submit an existing quote for further negotiation.

Order Management

The enhancements to Order Management in Hybris 6.3 offer benefits for both Customer and Vendor. Customers are empowered to manage and view their own returns, allowing Customer Services teams to reallocate their time to activities where they can add more customer value. Furthermore, the improvements to fulfilment allow businesses to fine-tune their sourcing logic.

Key Improvements and Features

  • Self-Initiated Returns — Customers can now request a partial or a complete return from their account management page/dashboard, instead of having to engage with Customer Services. They can also easily view their returns history and status from within their account.
  • External Warehouses — External Vendors now be integrated to accept orders for fulfilment, communicating back directly to SAP Hybris Order Management, or using the Order Fulfillment Cockpit to process their consignment updates.
  • Fulfilment Location Ranking — Order Management has been updated with a ‘Score Factor’ to dynamically update the ranking of different fulfilment locations. Currently this can be done manually, but this offers the future possibility of integration with a Warehouse Analytics tool to optimise sourcing strategy and cut delivery times and costs.

But that’s not all! Hybris 6.3 also introduces a number of other features, including improvements to the SmartEdit feature to allow the display of relevant content Product Carousels and further personalisation of offers.

Finally, on the architecture side, Hybris 6.3 now offers support for containerisation; you can now run Hybris in a Docker container, meaning there is huge potential for simpler, more reliable configuration and deployment processes, as well as better consistency across different environments.

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