Sap Commerce

SAP Commerce (formerly SAP Hybris) is a leading Customer Experience & Commerce Platform established in Europe and quickly making inroads in the U.S and Asia Pacific.

As with all technologies we embrace, Tacit Knowledge is committed to maintaining unrivaled expertise in this platform to strategically enable our clients. To this end, we have developed a kit of Hybris-specific tools like commerce-specific monitors that white-box customer orders over their entire fulfillment lifecycle. We’ve also extended our open-source feature-toggling framework, Flip, to increase the pace of change now measurable in hours. Two Hybris-specific testing frameworks for both unit and automated functional testing lend confidence and efficiency to the quality of each delivery. Our experience with Hybris includes implementation in twelve countries including the United States, social commerce to support affiliate-selling models, and deep integrations with complementary solutions like Adobe’s web content management solution, AEM. Tacit Knowledge also provides ongoing support for Hybris installations. Perhaps this service is best characterized by the three-hour disaster recovery challenge: any production solution supported can be rebuilt from the ground-up off of a back up in under three hours. The three-hour limitation is simply the time it takes the fully automated provisioning system to push that much information across a network. Modernity + Productivity = Project Success

Munich, Germany – Tacit Knowledge awarded EMEA Partner of the Year.