Quick Facts  

  • Partnership with Tacit since 2008
  • Tacit have worked with Nike across a number of web properties, including, Nike B2B and Nike China
  • Consolidation of a technology and process
  • Increased self sufficiency to create content

Managing the voice of a global brand across a myriad of different channels and locales is challenging in three respects:
1) Customer expectations for new and fresh content require a volume and pace of composition that necessitate a host of authors and editors to support.
2) These authors are spread apart; global reach translates to multiple languages most effectively supported by a geographically distributed organization of content creators.
3) Decentralization of this herculean effort brings with it the associated fragmentation of technology platform, message consistency, and channel aesthetic.

The Nike strategy began with deploying a single shared content repository and AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). This solution became a unified platform for the federation of authors and editors. UI templates were created to enforce a consistent and improved look. The segmented digital channels were brought into a consolidated user experience. Regional translation, once managed through spreadsheets and e-mail, is now integrated with the system.

The resulting solution addresses an oft-overlooked fundamental step in establishing individualized customer relationships; first speak with one voice.