Newgistics Launches SmartLabel+

Newgistics Launches SmartLabel+

Reduces Friction of eCommerce.

Enhanced SmartLabel Solution Helps Transform Product Returns into Returning Customers by Removing Operational Complexities while Improving the Customer Experience for Online Retailers

AUSTIN, Texas – June 6, 2017 – Newgistics, a leading provider of end-to-end e-commerce solutions for top retailers and brands, today announced the launch of SmartLabel+, a new solution that drives greater efficiency and cost savings while delivering better customer experiences in the e-commerce returns process. SmartLabel+ drastically simplifies returns for retailers and brands by utilizing Newgistics’ industry-leading tracking technology and nationwide network of facilities to move processing closer to the customer, increasing a retailer’s ability to get inventory back into active stock.

When a customer initiates a return that uses SmartLabel+, parcels are routed to the nearest “First Touch” Newgistics facility instead of sending merchandise directly on the long journey back to a retailer’s distribution center. This enables Newgistics to more quickly open and inspect a return, and then follow the appropriate instructions for processing specific products. For example, this might include donating, destroying or recycling a product, or cleaning, folding, bagging and tagging so it’s ready to go back on a retailer’s shelves in a consolidated manner.

The speed and efficiency created by SmartLabel+ provides a number of benefits for retailers and brands as well as improving the returns experience for consumers, including:

  • A better returns experience – Consumers will have up to the minute information of exactly where they are in the returns process. Retailers plug an enhanced tracking module directly into their own website offering consumers complete transparency. By inspecting returns closer to the customer, exchanges can be shipped and refunds credited more quickly so shoppers can begin planning their next purchase.
  • Leveraging the “First-touch advantage” – Complete dispositioning services where merchandise is cleaned, bagged, tagged and pre-sorted, along with visibility into when consolidated units will arrive back at a distribution center, enables faster restocking so products are immediately ready to be resold.
  • Simplifying the solution – Retailers improve their bottom line and can put their focus back on “minding the store” by increasing the agility of regional operating centers and reducing the friction caused by more operational complexity from the ever-evolving omni-channel landscape. Return processing is optimized by shipments that arrive at scheduled times and are pre-sorted based on a retailer’s specific rules to enable speedy put-away.
  • Faster customer credit and reduced fraud – By integrating with a retailer’s order system, SmartLabel+ helps speed up customer credits and reduce fraud by ensuring that items haven’t already been “returned” and that they match the original orders.
    “Newgistics invented and patented the SmartLabel return product 16 years ago when e-commerce was in its infancy. SmartLabel+ is the latest example of how we’ve continued to evolve and deliver on retailer needs and customer expectations,” said Todd Everett, president and CEO of Newgistics. “Returns are a critical part of the shopper experience and retailers are starting to realize that they can either upset or delight customers. We can make sure that returns are delightful for customers, while making them efficient for retailers and even creating opportunities to drive revenue.”

SmartLabel+ can be implemented with branded return labels that are either included in the box with a shipment, or printed on-demand. They also enable daily reports that provide a snapshot of products that are in transit and those that have been dispositioned, all down the SKU level.

Retailers looking to learn more about SmartLabel+ or implement it to enhance their returns processes can learn more by visiting In addition, Newgistics will be available this week at the Internet Retailer Conference & Expo (IRCE) at booth #413 to discuss SmartLabel+ in specific detail or provide demonstrations of the solution.

Newgistics Launches SmartLabel+

Newgistics Launches SmartLabel+

SmartLabel+ is a new solution that drives greater efficiency and cost savings while delivering better customer experiences in the eCommerce returns process. We take the friction out of returns so you can mind the store.
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