Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is Tacit Knowledge’s primary focus, and our international experience extends to actual implementations within mobile commerce, social commerce, and high-scale. Our support service specializes solely on retail and the needs of online merchants.

Our track record derives from specialization in key technologies, and fielding teams with deep domain expertise.

Tacit Knowledge installs, customizes, and integrates solutions like SAP Hybris, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SCC/Demandware).

Our kit includes tools specially designed to test and monitor ecommerce platforms. This includes custom testing frameworks and software that removes the error-prone steps commonplace with building and maintaining these solutions.

Our efficiencies stem from using continuous delivery, technologies derived from cloud computing, Agile and XP development practices, and custom accelerators.

Our innovations include international patents in mobile commerce, and applying Silicon Valley technologies to create high capacity solutions.

Content Management

Content management, in an ecommerce context, presents two significant challenges.

The first challenge is managing customer conversations across multiple channels. This dialog entails broader engagement inclusive of social media and periphery communities like Facebook and Pinterest.

The second challenge is juggling and integrating unstructured marketing content with product (catalog) information. We implement integrated solutions for product information, web content, and digital assets like photography and video.

Tacit Knowledge’s experience includes both the grand and the practical: a custom solution for Kodak to manage terabytes of digital assets across hundreds of servers on the one hand and AEM deployments for retailers such as John Lewis Partnership and an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services.

Mobile Commerce

We believe there will be four screens that characterize the relationship between digital commerce and the continuing evolution of the networked computer: desktops as we know them today, smartphones, tablets and interactive television. Tacit Knowledge maintains competencies in the iOS and Android platforms, and our experience extends across phone and tablet devices. We’ve created native applications that integrate with server-side commerce platforms like Oracle ATG and SAP Hybris.

The focus on this domain has also been self-actuated, and Tacit Knowledge has patents pending for pioneering gestural interfaces along with algorithms designed specifically for product catalog presentation on mobile devices. Our SkuSurfer technology offers shoppers a new way to explore and discover merchandise on small touchscreens.

Social Commerce

The preeminence of Facebook has narrowed our collective understanding of social media, online communities and their applications to digital commerce. It’s no wonder that retailers trying to incorporate a social dimension into their strategy end up with either the same marketing across more channels or nothing at all. Before Facebook existed, Tacit Knowledge developed a Pinterest-like social shopping application called Stylehive. This solution leveraged a viral growth strategy that combined elements of game theory with sophisticated media ranking algorithms and content capture technologies. More recently, this experience was applied to bring together a community of stylists, salons and customers with a broader audience. The social network is seamlessly connected to ghd’s international commerce platform.