Quick Facts  

  • Partnership with Tacit since 2012
  • Exponential online sales growth since working with Tacit
  • Medium sized business with enterprise scale digital commerce aspirations and strategy
  • Stable, flexible and scalable platform
  • Rich content blended with commerce in a Responsive User Interface
  • Integration of online and retail experience
  • Flexible payment options
  • Tacit provide 24/7 website support

Beaverbrooks is an award winning family-owned jewellers established in 1919 with 70+ stores across the UK, providing exceptional quality diamonds, jewellery and watches.

The main objectives of the project were to create a stable, high performing site that could provide a true omni-channel experience and reflect the quality, luxury and craftsmanship inherent in the Beaverbrooks brand. The scalability of the hybris platform was also important to enable Beaverbrooks to expand its online presence and sales in the future.

The responsive design of the website’s interface provides easy navigation regardless of the device that a customer is using, and allows to nurture the growing number of customers using smartphones and tablets. The underlying system calculates the fastest and most reliable delivery time depending on the availability of stock, so the business can fulfill orders quickly. These key features are powered by the hybris Commerce platform and have been specified, designed and implemented by Tacit.

“For retailers with a heritage like Beaverbrooks, it is essential that their online presence meets the expectations of modern consumers, whilst at the same time reflect the brand’s strong values such as quality, luxury and customer service,” explained Henk Jan van der Weide, Vice President, Northern Europe at hybris. “As such, we are delighted that our hybris B2C Commerce solution is being used to power and support the new site.”

In addition to enhancing the customer experience, is now able to accept new payment options such as gift cards, provide access to more frequent stock management updates and offer a guest checkout, which means that customers no longer need to register to order goods, and the site also incorporates a stock checking facility for customers to view availability in-store. In addition, Beaverbrooks can easily create content for the site and manage its own merchandising in order to ‘up-sell’ specific brands in its range..

Jo Wilkinson, Head of E-Commerce at Beaverbrooks said “ We are very happy with our new website and what it means for our customers. As a jeweller, we’re privileged to be part of key life purchases which require careful consideration before committing to buy. We wanted a platform that would support this and offer a more integrated shopping experience across our business. Working closely with Tacit, and using the hybris Commerce platform, we’ve created a website that makes shopping for these extra special purchases both easy and enjoyable. We’re looking forward to developing this further.”

“The site is a fantastic example of omni-channel commerce,” commented James Bullock, CEO at Tacit, “It puts the customer at the centre of the sales process and enables them to move seamlessly between different channels whether they are digital or physical. The power to deliver this level of interaction comes from our depth of experience and working with partners such as hybris who provide reliable cutting-edge software to enhance the customer buying experience.”